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Hemorrhoid Treatments

Treating hemorrhoids may require nothing more than home treatment and lifestyle changes. For instant relief of pain, itching and swelling, try the following:

  • Apply a hemorrhoidal cream or suppository to the affected area as directed.
  • Use ice packs, which can reduce swelling.
  • Soak in warm bath or sitz bath (sitting in three inches of water) for 10 minutes a few times a day.

If these methods do not help,contact our offices. Dr. Matta will discuss your symptoms and begin a treatment plan that may include:

  • Increasing fiber and fluid intake
  • Exercise
  • A fiber laxative*
  • A stool softener*

For more severe hemorrhoidal symptoms, we can discuss additional treatment options, including:

IRC (Infrared Coagulation):

Minimally invasive, rapid treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

Rubber Band Ligation:

Minimally invasive, rapid treatment of internal hemorrhoids.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Excision:

Severely painful thrombosed hemorrhoids can excised in a few minutes during an office visit.

PPH - Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy:

Minimally invasive technology for the treatment of protruding, bleeding internal hemorrhoids. Surgery is performed internally sparing the sensitive anal skin, resulting in the least painful, most rapid recovery from hemorrhoid surgery.


Surgical removal of hemorrhoids.

*Fiber laxatives and stool softeners should be used only as directed. Different treatments work in various ways; let your doctor choose the best one for you.



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