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Infrared Coagulation

What is IRC?

IRC has been used for many years to treat internal hemorrhoids. It is less painful than surgery and can be preformed in the physician’s office.

IRC involves the application of infrared light to the base of the hemorrhoid, which clots the hemorrhoid. Although you will occasionally feel the warmth, there generally is minimal pain or discomfort.You may return to your normal lifestyle immediately after treatment.Usually 3 to 5 treatments are required at 2 to 3 week intervals to obtain the desired result.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Usually three to five treatments are required at three-week intervals to obtain the desired result.

Does IRC Treatment Hurt?

During treatment you may feel a slight hot sensation which is usually not painful. You can return to your normal lifestyle immediately after treatment.

Before Treatment:

  • Contact your insurance company to ensure your procedure will be covered.  
  • Please take one Fleet Enema one hour before each treatment.

After Treatment:

  • Take sitz baths (sitting in a warm tub of water) two to three times per day for three or four days after the treatment and whenever necessary.
  • You may have some bleeding off and on with the bowel movement for two weeks after treatment. This is normal and should be expected.
  • Avoid taking aspirin as it may may increase bleeding. If you need a pain reliever during your treatment, take Tylenol or consult your pharmacist for other pain relievers which do not contain aspirin. If you are on aspirin therapy prescribed by another physician, consult your doctor before stopping aspirin therapy. 

Please call our offices if you experience any problems.

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