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Prepare for Your Colonoscopy
Using Miralax

Please review these instructions thoroughly at least 10 days prior to your procedure.

For this colonoscopy prep, you will need to purchase:

  • 1 bottle of Miralax (238 grams)
  • 4 Dulcolax tablets
  • 1 bottle of Gatorade (64 oz, avoid red, purple, or blue colors)

Day Before the Procedure

Stay on a clear liquid diet from the time you get up in the morning.  Drink as many clear fluids as you can throughout the day.  Plan to be near a restroom while take the prep.

  1. At 3pm, take 2 Dulcolax tablets.
  2. At 5pm, mix the 238 gram bottle of Miralax into the 64 oz bottle of Gatorade.  Shake virogously until the Miralax is dissolved.  Drink 8 oz of the Gatorade mix every 15 minutes for an hour, at which time there should be half of the bottle left.
  3. At 8pm, take the last 2 Dulcolax tablets.
  4. Continue drinking clear liquids until bedtime.
  5. At midnight, stop eating.  Do not eat or drink anything until after your procedure.

Day of the Procedure

  1. Five hours prior to your scheduled test time, drink 8 oz of the remaining Miralax prep.
  2. Repeat every 15 minutes for an hour at which time the solution should be gone.
  3. Please take one 125mg Gas X 2 hours prior to the colonoscopy.

Please call our offices if you experience any problems.

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