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Discharge Instructions 

The following instructions apply to inpatient or outpatient surgery, as well as other procedures as directed by Dr. Matta.
  • Be aware that there will be some bleeding, discharge and soreness for the next six weeks.
    • Blood may drip into the toilet and make the water red. Do not be alarmed, this is normal.
  • Carefully remove packing
    • You may leave the hospital with light packing in the anal area. The packing will come out with your first bowel movement.
    • If the packing does not come out the day following your procedure, gently remove it AFTER soaking in a sitz bath or bath tub to get the packing completely wet. DO NOT remove the packing dry as it may cause bleeding.
  • Stay on a high fiber diet as instructed
    • Avoid nuts, popcorn, seeds and spicy foods
    • Avoid beer and wine
  • Stay hydrated
    • Limit water intake immediately after the procedure
    • Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day starting the day after the procedure
  • Take sitz baths
    • Take a sitz bath after each bowel movement and at least four times a day for six weeks. Soak for 10-15 minutes each time using lukewarm water. Sitz baths are very effective in relieving pain and can be increased to eight times a day for the first seven to ten days following your procedure. Any interruption in sitz baths may prolong healing.
  • Keep the area clean
    • Use Tuck’s pads or witch hazel solution in place of toilet tissue.
      • Dispose of Tuck’s pads after each use.
    • Place an ARD pad or sterile cotton gauze in the anal area to keep the area clean and dry. Change as necessary. DO NOT apply any cream to the pad. Once discharge has stopped, you may discontinue.
  • Take prescribed medications and supplements
    • If you were previously using Nifedipine cream, continue to use it 2-3 times a day
    • Take pain medications if necessary
    • Take Metamucil or Citrucel or Benefiber, 1 tablespoon, followed by a glass of water once or twice a day, after breakfast or at night.
    • Also take 1-2 Colace tablets daily.
    • If stools are hard, take a Surfak, Dulcolax, or one ounce of mineral oil daily with Metamucil or Citrucel
  • Rest
    • Avoid strenuous exercise, heavy lifting and excessive driving.
    • You may go up and down steps and walk as normal.
    • Do not drive while taking the prescribed pain medication.
  • Go to the bathroom
    • If you are unable to urinate 8-12 hours post-surgery, try standing in the shower or sitting in your bath tub or sitz baths to urinate.
      • If you are still unable to urinate or urination is uncomfortable,go to the hospital emergency room. You may need to have a catheter inserted.
    • If you do not have a bowel movement within two days of your procedure, on the third day take 6 tablespoons of Milk of Magnesia.
      • If you are still unable, take 2 Dulcolax tablets OR Miralax.
  • Make an appointment to see Dr. Matta for a check-up in two weeks.


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