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Is Your Diet Related to Risk of Colon Cancer?
Wednesday, March 20, 2019

While it is unfortunate, doctors in the United States diagnose over 90,000 new cases of colon cancer every year, as revealed by data released by the American Cancer Society. Cancer is one of the diseases we have never really been able to understand properly. Genetics are considered to be one of the main reasons why people can get cancer. When it comes to colon cancer, your diet apparently does play a role in the risk of contracting the disease.

Years of research have shown that the kind of food you eat can increase or decrease your risk of colon cancer. A study shows that a diet consisting of fish, fruits and vegetables can lower the risk of a person contracting colon cancer. Compared to non-vegetarians, pesco-vegetarians have shown almost half the risk of contracting the disease.

What you eat plays a huge role in your immune system. Your diet determines how well your immune system can do its job and protect your body from general and chronic illnesses.

We’re going to take a look some of the dangerous foods that can increase your risk of colon cancer.

Dangerous Foods for Your Colon

Most of us just love eating meat. The thing is, we choose it based on how good it tastes rather than the nutritional benefits we stand to gain from it. This is because we get to enjoy the taste immediately. The nutritional benefits of the food we eat do not really affect us as immediately as the taste.

It is important to keep in mind that the food we eat right now affects our health in the long term. The more we understand how the food we eat affects our bodies in the long run, the more chances that we will make proper adjustments to our diet to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Here are some foods you should cut down on (not avoid) to reduce the risks of contracting colon cancer.

Red Meats

Everybody loves their red meat. It is a good part of our diet and we should eat red meat every once in a while. Eating too much of it can increase the risk of contracting cancer. There are studies to support that eating red meat too much can increase the chances of contracting cancer. By too much, we mean more than one serving every day. A lot of red meat consumption is known to impair our body’s ability to repair genetic material.


Other than the obvious health problems that alcohol poses, it is linked to seven different types of cancers. We understand that it can be fun to have alcohol but having a little too much can increase the risk of colon cancer. Keep it down to one or two drinks a day but no more. You should be fine.


Fats are an essential part of the diet. You just need to understand that not all fats are the same. There are good fats and bad fats. Nuts, avocados and salmon are some of the sources of good fats that you definitely should eat. Avoid keeping a fat rich diet which contains a lot of fast foods and other fat saturated food items.
Too much unhealthy fats can lead to a production of more intestinal stem cells that can result in intestinal tumors.

Final Thoughts

It’s not about completely eliminating the foods mentioned, it’s about reducing the intake to a healthy amount. That is how you reduce the risk of colon cancer. Try to add as much healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet so that you can boost your immune system and reduce your chances of contracting such a dangerous disease. For more information, feel free to contact us at the Colon Rectal Disease Center.

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